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7 Ares Smart Ring Silver - Pink W1 Size 8 Gold - White*

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 Product Description for 7 Ares Smart Ring Silver - Pink W1 Size 8 Gold - White*

The Ares range of Smart Rings are beautifully crafted jewelry rings made from 925 sterling silver which also act as a notification hub for your finger, delivering updates when you have new text messages, email, calendar events and incomming calls. The ring also alerts you everytime you leave your smart phone behind, keeping you from loosing it. The Ares also comes with the revolutionary Simple-Tap SOS feature which lets you reach out to your loved ones with just a few simple taps on the Ring. Features like water/dust resistance, dedicated smartphone app and wireless charging make the Ares the best culmination of technology and fashion to this day. With 925 sterling silver being the choice of metal for making such an exclusive wearable accessory, we made sure the Ares range of Smart Rings were way more than just fashion accessories - but actual rings made of precious metals. Every Ares smart ring goes through hours of moulding, hardening and refined metallurgical processes to give it that perfect touch of smoothness and finesse - all the while making it a durable product. Every ceramic Gem sitting pretty on your Ares houses a state-of-the-art circuit board, vibration-motor, a battery and an LED light beautifully concealed within the elegant polished gem. What more? The Ares M1 is gold plated to make it stand out no matter the occassion. We didn t just stop at making a gorgeous product that is meant to compliment your finger as a piece of art, we went ahead and made sure that charging this product looked equally aesthetically beautiful and pleasing. So hundreds of hours of brain-storming sessions resulted in a picture-perfect wireless charger which makes your Ares sit pretty, all the while charging in the background. So now all you have to do it pop your Ares on the charger to let it charge and simply pick it up and get moving when its time to move. The Ares M & W series let you color code your notifications so that you know when you get a specific notification on your Smartphone/Tablet. The flashing colors on the stone can be customized for specific apps like Calls, Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook and more so that you can do more without having to pull your cellular device out of your pocket every single time at the drop of a hat. Ares once connected via Bluetooth, vibrates or flickers every time your smartphone/tablet goes beyond the range of 10 meters and reminds you that you have a gadget to take care of. Ares also comes with an instant Simple-Tap SOS feature, letting your loved ones reach out to you by simply taping the ring a few times in succession, alerting you of their need of your attention. The Ares range of Smart-rings are IP67 dust & watertproof, letting you carry it with you into your shower, a quick dip in the pool or a rainy day on your way back home from office. It can also be used in dusty conditions, letting you keep your smart phone safe during hiking or cycling. So now keep a track of your notifications on your Ares and let your Smartphone rest inside that warm pocket. The Ares comes with a dedicated App for both iOS and Android, letting you customize your notificationsa nd features like SOS Alert, Anti-lost, colored notifications and more. The app features an amazingly simple user interface, which doesn t let you realize the very fact that you are using such a powerful multi-purpose product with such ease and grace. Describe your product in 3 words. World's Best Smartring How did you come up with the idea for this product? Research suggests that we check our phone every six and a half minutes and many of these result from notifications that least interest us or can wait for us to attend to them later. It is also seen that the basic concept of modern day SOS feature is flawed as an individual is expected to pull out their smart phone from the pocket, unlock it and access an App to sendout a distress call. With Ares we are empowering the people to not only decide which notifications they want to attend to and which ones to ignore but we are enabling them to sensd out an SOS though just a few simple taps on the Ring - something never done before. What makes your product special? An example of craftsmanship of the finest levels, Ares redefines the genre of wearable technology. Made from 925 sterling silver, every groove and every cut on the Aresis a result of hours of accurate and meticulous machine work. Not only does the wirelss charging features makes it the world's smallest wireless charging device but the Simple-Tap SOS feature also makes it the world's best SOS device. All this is thern finely moulded into the world's most loved smart ring - leaving others with an example to follow. What has been the best part of your startup experience? It undoubtedly has to be the dedicated R&D that goes into making this amazing product. Making a wearable accessory that s worn on your fingers was a challenge in itself as our fingers are used for doing almost everything that we do throughout the day and a product resting on it has to be good enough to withstand such adverse usage conditions. This required hundreds of man hours of dedicated team work and several iterations of hardware and software changes to make the product as perfect as it is now. Not only did the product turn out to be beautiful and worth flaunting, it also houses features that appeal to the best of tech enthusiasts looking for more futuristic wearable technology.

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